SFFP Medical Group | Clinical Quality Framework
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Clinical Quality Framework

Clinical Quality Framework

Our Clinical Quality Framework (CQF) is designed to:

  • Generate optimal primary health care service to the patients
  • Reduce the risk of service failure
  • Meet all relevant RACGP standards, current clinical evidence and duty of care, and
  • Optimise compliance Government regulations.


Each Practice applies the Program elements as needed to enhance the care for the Practice patients.

Health Management Program

The purpose of this program is to recall patients and provide regular follow up to ensure close monitoring and support of patients ongoing health requirements.

The key aspects of this recall and reminder program include a monthly process to:

  • Identify and contact patients with active recalls due in the following month
  • A retrospective review of recalls made two months prior to initiate follow up action
  • A retrospective review of recall four months ago to finalise any outstanding recall.
Health Promotion Program

The purpose of this program is to identify patients who have, or are at risk of developing, a chronic health condition which can better managed through a more formal GP management plan. Key conditions targeted include Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Respiratory/Asthma and CHD.

The key aspects of this program include a monthly process to:

  • Audit patient records (without existing management plans) for indicators which suggest the patient has a chronic condition or an emerging condition
  • Invite identified patients into the practice for a consultation and evaluation for the benefit of a plan
Clinical Incident Evaluation

The Clinical Incident Reporting Program is a process which is initiated when a significant clinical incident (and/or near miss) occurs within the daily management of patient care.

The key aspects of this program include:

  • Creating an environment to ensure reporting of clinical incidents is part of the practice culture
  • A common sense approach to incidents and potential incident investigation and proposed remedies.
Clinical Education Program (CEP)

The purpose of the CEP is to ensure all clinical staff within the Practice have the opportunity to maintain and develop their knowledge, clinical skills and evidence based in relation to the core primary care services provided within the Practice.

The key aspects of this program include:

  • A series of night time educational evenings on the core Health Management and Health Promotion Programs provided at SFFP with guest specialist speakers and presentations of internal case studies and any practice amendments for management
  • A monthly meeting of GPs to provide updates on core clinical issues, policies and processes within SFFP.
Clinical Audit Program

The purpose of the Clinical Audit Program is to provide peer feedback on clinical consultations to enhance the knowledge development and clinical delivery of all GPs and also more specifically individual GPs when required. This is an internal learning and teaching tool for all clinicians.

The key aspects of this program include:

  • A single GP (with assistance of the Clinical Coordinator) completing a review of the patient services provided over a sample of patients, usually within one of the core Health Management or Health Promotion and Management Programs
  • The GP presenting a summary of the review at a CEP function related to the topic evaluated.
Quality Prescribing Audit

The purpose of this program is to complete a review of medication prescribing consistent with the PIP requirements. The feedback from this program will support improved clinical care and medication management by all GPs.