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Join Us

Join Us

We pride ourselves on providing a working environment which replicates our origins as a Family Practice.  We want work to be enjoyed, fun and productive. Our approach therefore aims to give all staff and contractors the opportunity to:

  • Do work which matches their personal interests and growth
  • Enhance their skills and experience through ongoing personal development
  • Balance work demands with personal time
  • Be rewarded for effective effort and contribution.


We survey our staff each year so we can develop and implement programs which address any emerging matters which impede our objectives.


If you value:

  • Modern fully computerised rooms
  • The capacity to earn a sustainable remuneration
  • Flexible working arrangements (at one or a mix of practices)
  • Shaping the direction clinical programs
  • Participating in a progressive continuing development program
  • Involvement in research studies
  • Training Registrars and medical students
  • The option to purchase equity in the Practice


Please contact Garry Madigan, General Manager by emailing manager@sffpmedical.com.au or telephoning 0418 221 223. Or contact the Practice directly.

We recognise running a medical practice is increasingly more difficult with Government regulations and policies impacting operational and financial sustainability. One way to address these demands is increase the scale of operational support which shares the cost of operational management.

We will consider approaches from Medical Clinics who wish to join our business. All approaches will be subject to completion of confidentiality agreements.  If you wish to explore this option please contact Garry Madigan, General Manager by emailing manager@sffpmedical.com.au or telephoning 0418 221 223.

Please review our related practices below to explore any immediate vacancies.

As we welcome any unsolicited approaches you are encouraged to forward an email to the Practice of your preference and we will contact you for a preliminary interview.