SFFP Medical Group | Patient Services
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Patient Services

All medical services are delivered through our operational clinics below:

Our operational approach to medical care is to provide ‘personal care for healthy living’.

We expect every member of our group to:

  • recognise and treat each patient as an individual
  • provide and support the delivery of quality medical care
  • use quality skills integrated with other health providers and services
  • optimise patient health outcomes for longer healthy living

SFFP Medical has implemented a Clinical Quality Framework customised for each clinic designed to:

  • Generate optimal primary health care service to the patients
  • Reduce the risk of service failure
  • Meet all relevant RACGP standards, current clinical evidence and duty of care, and
  • Optimise compliance Government regulations.

The following programs make up the CQF:

  • Health Management Program
  • Health promotion Program
  • Clinical Incident Evaluation
  • Clinical Education Program
  • Clinical Audit Program
  • Quality Prescribing Audit

We are committed to providing this care by:

  • Providing and managing medical practices Implementing Health Care Programs which drive optimal patient care
  • Recruiting and retaining personnel who share our medical care ethos
  • Providing a program of continuous training and education
  • Training and developing General Practitioners for the future.

SFFP Medical are committed to providing the right working environment and opportunity for clinicians to develop and enhance their clinical skills.

General Practitioner Registrars

Our clinics are teaching practices of the GPEx General Practice Training Program. We provide placement opportunities for GP Registrars who have elected to complete further GP training as a specialist pathway and towards their fellowship. Registrars will be involved in all practice work and programs so they fully develop their consulting skills and experience within the diversity of programs within our group. With experienced GP Supervisors and a supportive learning and teaching environment, GP Registrars can expect an exemplar experience.

SFP Medical can also provide Registrars with Extended Skills placements covering Aged Care and Travel Medicine, subject to GPEx approval. These programs can be integrated with other clinical work to provide the Registrar a balance in commitments whilst preparing for fellowship.

Medical Students

Medical students are welcome. Medical students will participate in a wide range of clinical services and learn new and extended skills in our Practices in a practical and ‘hands on’ way supported by experienced and enthusiastic GP Supervisors.

While we primarily support students from the SA Universities (Flinders University and the University of Adelaide) we have also placed students from NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and Columbia.


SFFP Medical can accommodate nursing student placements which complement their course work and required development. Placement opportunities exist at all Practices so can include rural and city based practice work in addition to aged care support.

Our Practices may from time to time participate in research work undertaken and in conjunction with approved research programs. This is usually as part of a University or College research program and will be subject to all protocols and ethics being met.

On all occasions informed patient consent will be sought before any patient treatment or consultation information is provided to the research program.

Our Practices also undertake research through our internal Clinical Audit Programs. This research is used within the Practices only and is used to improve operational programs for ongoing patient benefit. Patient confidentiality is maintained in all processes.